Bathtub Repairs & Refinishing

Have cracks and/or discoloration in your bathtub? Try our effortless repair and refinishing solution today!

Having an unsightly bathtub can be a frustrating thing. It may be discolored or have chips. Having it fixed is something that we all put off for fear of cost and time. We have a great solution for you that will save you a lot of time and money.

Why spend unnecessarily on tear out and replacement when we can save you so much money and have the job complete, typically the same day. We can also modernize those out-of-date colors in your bathroom. Our refinishing process is done quickly and you will be able to use your bath within 24-48 hours of having it refinished.

First your surface is treated with an acid etch which will clean and purify your bathtub or ceramic tile. The etching process will also open up the pores of the porcelain giving our bonding agent stronger adhesion.

Second step is applying our mechanical bonding agent which consists of a blend of three different Silanes. Silanes are the ONLY chemical that should be used as a primer or bonding agent. Silanes are used to create a strong mechanical bond with the finishing coating and are created for adhesion to glass surfaces.

The final step is a three to four coat process of Aliphatic Polyurethane Acrylic Enamel which is considered synthetic porcelain. This coating is also the only coating that should be used in the bathtub and ceramic tile refinishing industry. This coating is highly chemical resistant, non-fading, and retains its gloss for years.

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