General Questions

It is usually completed in 1 day but that does depend on the condition of the bathtub.
Yes, we have many colors to choose from and our refinish process can be done to the bathtub, sink, etc…
Yes, the same process can be done on the tile making it look like brand new again.
In most cases, Yes, we can repair and refinish it but we would need to take a look at it to see what the cause of it was and if you have any leaks.

Important and Critical Questions

You typically need to wait 24 hours to take a shower and approximately 6 days before taking a bath to ensure that the product has time to cure completely.
Yes, the process does require the use of chemicals so there will be an odor. It is recommended to have proper ventilation but it is safe to be in the home. If you are sensitive to smells it may be best for you to stay in another location for a period of at least 24 hours.
Yes, you can buy a new bathtub for the same price, but…..you will also have to pay for someone to remove the plumbing, to remove the old bathtub, install the new bathtub, replace the plumbing, fix or replace tile damaged during tear out, etc...with a final cost well over the cost of a refinish.
It is recommended to not use any abrasive cleaners on the new surface to ensure that you do not damage the finish.

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